Halloween is a scary time...
...but scariest of all for those who see MY COSTUMES!

(Can you tell the difference between my costumes and the real thing?)

Halloween, 2006

Got a little Captain in you...?
This ain't parrot

Halloween, 2005

Master of the universe...
Who rules the skoolz?I must destroy He-Man!Take that, cat!
Overlord of Evil...
Freakin out the women...What's with the limp wrist?
...great dancer?
Poor Jane...So evil!Take this, world!
Halloween, 2004

Straight outta Thundera...
Don't mess with the Thundercats!Liono in the Bar
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, THUNDERCATS!  HOOoooooOOOOoooo!
scary!Full-Screen Lion-oDon't mess with me!
Ready to kick Mumm-Ra's ass!
meThundercats, HO!
June 09, 2005 - at CollegeHumor; May 2006 - Farked!

Halloween, 2003
Good luck finding me in this one!
Apollo invades the Physics building!
Apollo takes on Differential Equations!Carl Weathers
Alright, so maybe it's not that hard to tell which one's me and which one's Carl Weathers!
You don't wanna mess with the best...
I hope the makeup comes off by 2004!

Halloween, 2002
Whatcha' gonna do?!
champion?bundy pose
Let's see the real Hulk Hogan do better!
The Hulkster
Lemme tell ya' somethin', brother!

Halloween, 2001
We're not gonna take it!
I wanna rock!The real Dee Snider
Yes, I did it!  How could you possibly pass the chance to dress up as the gayest
heavy metal star of all time?!  (I've also heard that this looks like
Christina Aguilera from her Lady Marmalade video... you be the judge.)