I have been a Professor in the Physics Department of the University of Florida. My research program is in the High Energy Experiment Group, which is a part of the Institute of High Energy Physics and Astrophysics.

News: Beginning August 16, 2021, I will be taking a new position with the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rice University

I last taught PHY3101, Introduction to Modern Physics (S21)

Office: 2035 New Physics Building
Lab: 1202 New Physics Building (or in front of the world's most energetic magnet)
Telephone: 352-846-3144
FAX: 352-392-5339
E-mail: acostad@ufl.edu
Address: University of Florida
Physics Department
P.O. Box 118440
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA
Curriculum Vitae: [PDF]
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Some Online Videos:

Modern Physics

Einstein's Postulates and Special Relativity

Einstein's General Relativity and the Equivalence Principle
Particle Physics

Beyond the Standard Model, Part 1

Beyond the Standard Model, Part 2


Introductory Physics Lectures

Solving for the force on the foot of a ladder

Concept of reference frames and relative velocity

Magnetic Force Law

See more videos in the PHY2048 and PHY2049 links listed above.

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