This system has the capability of depositing thin films in a reactive environment of ozone. Oz (whose first name is Wizard) has the capability of performing multiple depositions from thermal sublimation and electron-beam sources. Samples can be deposited onto a liquid nitrogen substrate and in situ measurements of the electronic properties can be made during deposition.


The Ozone System can be pumped to a base pressure of 1 x 10-7 Torr.  It is equipped with an omicron model EFM-3 multiple evaporator source which has the capability of simultaneously evaporating up to three materials.  The sample is mounted on a liquid nitrogen-cooled substrate.  In addition, there is a mask-changing capability which allows use of separate mask configurations in the same run.  In situ measurements of the resistance can be made during a deposition.

This system has been used in studies of the resistance changes of multilayers obtained by the sequential deposition of thin-metal films and C60 monolayers.  These changes occur because of the strong electron affinity of the C60 molecules.  These effects are being studied for a variety of different metals.

Omicron Source
Sample Holder