Reminiscent of the Hindu god with many arms, Shiva has multiple ports to facilitate Sample Handling In VAcuum. The primary objective is to be able to grow thin films in high vacuum conditions and transfer the films into a dewar without ever breaking vacuum. This system allows the study of air-sensitive ultralthin films to temperatures as low as 1.5 Kelvin and magnetic fields as high as 7 Tesla.


Shiva is equipped with a Cryoplex-10 pump and can achieve a vacuum in the10-10 Torr range.  Deposition capabilities include DC sputtering, RF sputtering, thermal sublimation and electron beam evaporation. In situ transport measurements can be made on a film during deposition  and subsequently, without breaking vacuum, on the same film in an adjacent cryostat. A Kaufmann ion source is also available for the precleaning of substrates and for in situ post deposition surface treatments. Careful attention has been paid to the design of the mechanical transfer mechanism to assure reliable transfer of the sample in high vacuum conditions.  In addition to electrical transport measurements, a Woollam M-44 ellipsometer has been installed to allow in situ characterizations of optical properties during film growth.

Projects currently underway include studies of C60/metal multilayers, metal/insulator transitions, and transport properties of ultrathin magnetic (Fe, Gd) films.