Group members


































Michael Ryan (UG)
Inhae Kwak (G)
Daniel Grant (G)
Maria Viitaniemi (UG)


Past memebers:

[Graduate students:]

Tara Dhakal [Graduated fall'08, Currently research assistant professor at SUNY Binghamton]

Thesis title: Manupulating the magnetic domains of hole-doped manganites by using electric field

Sung Hee Yun [Graduated summer'08, Currently at US Patent Office]

Thesis title: Effect of disorder in cuprates and manganites

Hyoungjeen Jeen [Graduated summer'11, Currently Assistant Professor in Physics at Pusan National University]

Thesis title: Magnetoelectric effects in manganites

John Timmerwilke [Graduated spring'13, Currently post doc at Army Research Lab]

Thesis title: Point contact studies of iron based superconductors

[Undergraduate and REU students:]

Sara Toth, REU student, summer 2014

Everett Grimley, REU student, summer 2012

Trevor Smith, REU student, summer 2011

Icon Mazzaccari, Undergraduate Student

Rafiya Javed, Undergraduate Student

Arthur Ianuzzi, Undergraduate Student

Alessandra Gallastegui, Undergraduate Student

Riley Howsden, REU student, summer 2010

Julia Neff, Fulbright Student, University of Kiel

Kristen Voigt, REU student, summer 2009 (Now: Graduate student at University of Maryland)

Chelsey Morien, REU student, summer 2008 (Now: Graduate student at Florida State University)

Jacob Tosado, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Now: Graduate student at University of Maryland)

Josymir Lopez, REU student, summer 2006

Neesha Anderson, REU student, summer 2004 (Now: Graduate student at University of Western Ontario)

Holly Miller, REU student summer 2003 (Now: Graduate student at University of Kentucky)

Jerrold Kielbasa, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Now: Graduate student at Wake Forest)


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