Biswas Lab: "LABVIEWS"

Facilities in the Biswas lab

Pulsed Laser Deposition system

The pulsed laser deposition system for growing thin films and multilayers

Magnetotransport properties

A system for measuring magnetotransport properties at temperatures down to 1.5 K and in fields of up to 9 T

Scanning Probe Microscope

Digital instruments multimode scanning probe microscope for room temperature AFM, LFM, and MFM

Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscope

NT-MDT system for scanning probe microscopy (AFM and MFM) at low temperature (down to ~ 20 K)

Shared Facilities

Magnetization Measurements

MPMS SQUID magnetometers (Hebard and Rinaldi groups)

Nanofabrication and other facilities

Nanofabrication, TEM, x-ray diffraction at Nanoscale research facility and major analytical instrumentation facility at UF