PHY 3101 (Modern Physics) Fall 2017

H-ITT in-class quizzes

You earn points toward your overall course grade by coming to class and answering question with your H-ITT remote transmitter. For each question, an incorrect response is worth 1 point, while a correct response is worth 2 points

There are two options now to record answers for in class questions using the H-ITT system. The traditional, and recommended, way is to purchase a supported remote "clicker" device. The other new approach is to enter your answer via a web browser on any smart device with an internet connection, provided you purchase a subscription to "SoftClick". More information is here.

H-ITT purchase: You can purchase the H-ITT remote at textbook stores. H-ITT questions begin to count on Wednesday Aug. 30, but you should purchase your remote sooner for practice questions that will help you to become familiar with the system before the questions start counting for bonus points.

H-ITT registration and operation: To get H-ITT credit you must register your remote under your name at

and follow the instructions on that page. It is your responsibility to ensure that your remote is functioning properly and that you are sending on the correct channel (see web site above for link to instructions for setting the remote channel). It is recommended that you set the channel at the start of each lecture. Lights on the remote will indicate that your answer has been recorded on the system.