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PDG and other data


Table of nuclides (masses and abundances)


Particle accelerators

Large Hadron Collider at CERN:

Tevatron at Fermilab, home to the CDF and D-Zero experiments
KEK accelerator in Japan
Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven Lab
International Linear Collider (ILC). In planning stages.

Other material

The following online material might be useful as additional study guides and/or a source of new problems. Please let me know if you have any material that you find useful for supplementary reading or demonstrations.

  • Lecture notes from PHZ4390 when it was taught by Prof. Korytov in Fall 2007. We will use several of his online notes in this course.
  • Wiki book on Modern Physics. This online material covers many topics that you will find useful for background material, including special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, etc. Some of the material is still undeveloped, so the treatment is somewhat uneven.
  • Lectures on modern physics. Some of these might be useful.
  • Interesting article on tritium decay, where the electron momentum was measured accurately near the endpoint to look for the effects of non-zero neutrino mass on the shape of the momentum spectrum near the endpoint. This depends critically on the Q value of the decay, about 18.6 keV, which was measured extremely precisely in 2005.