PHY  2054   Physics II,     Spring 2000

Profs.   J. Robert Buchler   and   Jim R. Ipser

email: J. Robert Buchler   and   email: Jim R. Ipser


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Below I will post notes of interest as they become appropriate

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Note 9:   Figure 23.14 in the textbook is WRONG

To see the error more clearly draw a radius-line from the center of the circle (on right) to one of the points where a ray is refracted. It would take a very unusual material with a negative index of refraction to produce the refraction that is shown in this figure!

Note 8:   FINAL

Note 7:   Combined histogram for exams 1 and 2

Note 6:   EXAM 2

Note 5:   EXAM 1

Note 4:

We have compiled a set of old PHY2054 exams that is available for purchase from the Florida Bookstore.

Note 3:

I have set up an email-list to which you can subscribe. This allows me to send you at appropriate times information about exams, and permits me to send you the exam grades (prefaced by the first letter of your last name and by the last 4 digits of your SSN)

To subscribe you send an email to
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It is essential that you put your actual first and last names, not a pseudonym if you want the information sent to you!

Note 2:

The solutions manual for all the problems in the book is on reserve in the Science Library.

Access of Publisher's Homepage
The Student ID is " cpstudent35 ", password " phyisfun ".
The site includes solutions to problems marked "web" in the text and a bunch of additional practice problems.

You may also want to consult the Physics Department site PHYSICS 2

Note 1:

The discussion section instructors have kindly agreed to pool their office hours to make it easier for you to have access to help. They are available at the following times:


Jeff Chase          M 8&9                           NPB Room 1200
Erika Kisvarsanyi                 W 2         F 2   NPB Room 1226 
Greg Martin                T 6          R 6         NPB Room 2151
Nicole Morgan       M 2                 R 8-9AM     NPB Room B172
David Red           M 4&5  T 8                F 7   NPB Room B166

 3448  Kisvarsanyi
 3449  Morgan
 3450  Red
 3452  Chase
 3453  Morgan
 3455  Red
 3456  Red
 3457  Martin
 3458  Kisvarsanyi
 3460  Morgan
 3461  Chase
 3472  Chase