Dear Amaldi Conference participants:

The negotiations about publication of Conference Proceedings are now complete. The number of pages allocated to SPEAKERS will be determined by the time allotted for their presentations. Detailed instructions for preparing camera-ready copy are below.

Those who submitted ABSTRACTS are entitled to 2 pages in the Proceedings. The papers will be refereed by the session convenors prior to publication. PLEASE NOTE that it is the responsibility of the author to obtain the approval by the Convenors. The deadline for submitting your papers to the convenors is October 4.

Authors are expected to prepare their contributions and any revisions according to the instructions provided. Booklet Instructions for preparation of camera-ready manuscripts will be sent out to all speakers/abstract contributors. Instructions, as well as a LaTeX style guide and MS Word 97 templates, are also available online at

Best wishes,

Sydney Meshkov
Conference Organizer

Veronica Kondrashov
LIGO, MS 18-34
(626) 395-3048