Gravitational Wave Advanced Detectors Workshop (GWADW)
February 20 - 26, 2000

The 2000 Aspen Winter Conference on Gravitational Waves and Their Detection will function primarily as an interactive Gravitational Wave Advanced Detectors Workshop (GWADW). This meeting is designed to drive the development of new experimental techniques. With the advent of the recent LIGO II proposal, the EURO (European Gravitational Wave Observatory) proposal and LCGT (Large Cryogenic Gravitational Wave Telescope) proposal, the time is ripe for this meeting in Aspen to develop and exchange new ideas for these detectors and the next generation after them.

Each day of the workshop will consist of about six hours of scheduled talks and discussion as well as scheduled workshop interactions. The nature of the housing, with all participants living and dining under the same roof, at the Aspen Meadows, encourages extensive opportunities for informal scientific exchange. In addition, as is the custom at the Aspen Winter conferences, a public lecture will be given on Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at the Wheeler Opera House. The speaker, this year, is Robin T. Stebbins (JILA).

To register, please fill out the enclosed simple form, and send it to me as soon as possible.

More importantly, please call the Aspen Meadows immediately to make your room reservations. The rates are $115/day , double occupancy and $170/day, single occupancy. Both rates include breakfast and dinner.

The Phone Numbers are: 800-452-4240 and 970-925-4240.

PROGRAM: The program is in its infancy, as you will see. Please send me any suggestions that you have for speakers and topics.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you in Aspen,








Conference Fees:
Registration - $250.00
Housing Per Night (including breakfast and dinner)
- $170.00 single occupancy
- $115.00 per person shared occupancy

Please return or email completed application immediately to:

Sydney Meshkov
Caltech, LIGO 18-34
Pasadena, CA 91125
Phone: (626) 395-3171
Fax: (626) 304-9834

Aspen Center for Physics
February 20 - 26, 2000

Monday AM:     Status of Present Detectors - I
February 21      Chair: S. Meshkov

8:00     S. Meshkov (Caltech):  Welcome
           Jane Kelly (ACP)
8:10     TBA:  ACIGA
8:30     Discussion
8:40     TBA:  GEO 600
9:00     Discussion
9:10     Coffee Break
9:25     TBA:  LIGO
9:45     Discussion
9:55     TBA:  TAMA
10:15    Discussion

Monday PM:   A. Vision for Future - Scientific Requirements for a Global Detector Array
February 21    Chair: A. Ruediger

4:30     S. Finn (PSU):  Interesting Sources
4:55     Discussion
5:05     D. McClelland (ANU):  Experimentalist View of Requirements - I
5:30     Discussion
5:40     P. Saulson (Syracuse):  Experimentalist View of Requirements - II
6:05     Coffee Break

B. Status of Present Detectors - II
Chair: E. Coccia

6:20     G. Pizzella:  AURIGA, NAUTILUS, EXPLORER
6:45     Discussion
6:55     W. Johnson:  Allegro, Niobe
7:20     Discussion
7:30     Adjourn

Tuesday AM:  R&D Summary (Current - 15 min., future - 10 min.) - I
February 22    Chair: A. Giazotto

8:00     TBA:  VIRGO
8:25     Discussion
8:35     TBA:  TAMA
9:00     Discussion
9:10     Coffee Break
9:25     TBA:  LIGO
9:50     Discussion
10:00   TBA:  GEO 600
10:25   Discussion
10:50   Adjourn

Tuesday PM: A. R&D Summary (Current - 15 min., future - 10 min.) - II
February 22   Chair:

4:30     TBA:  ACIGA
4:55     Discussion
5:05     TBA:  Auriga, Nautilus, Explorer
5:30     Discussion
5:40     TBA:  Allegro, Niobe
6:05     Discussion
6:15     Coffee Break
6:30     TBA:  LISA
6:55     Discussion
7:05     R. Drever:  Drever
7:30     Discussion
7:40     Adjourn

Wednesday AM: A. R&D Topical Group Reports I.
February 23        Chair: D. Shoemaker

8:00     TBA:  Lasers and Optics
8:20     Discussion
8:30     TBA:  Suspensions and Thermal Noise
8:50     Discussion
9:00     TBA:  Advanced Interferometer Configurations
9:20     Discussion
9:30     Coffee Break

B. Current Plans for Future Detectors

9:45     TBA:  Euro
10:15    Discussion
10:20    TBA:  LIGO II
10:40    Discussion
10:45    TBA:  LCGT
11:05    Discussion
11:10    Adjourn

Wednesday PM: Meetings of Topical Groups
February 23

4:30 - 6:00 PM
Wednesday Evening: Public Lecture, Wheeler Opera House
Chair: S. Meshkov

8:00     R. Stebbins (JILA):  TBD

Thursday AM: Advances by Lasers and Optics, Suspensions and Thermal Noise, and A.I.C. Topical Groups - II. (More detailed Talks following I).
February 24

8:00     TBA:  TBD
8:20     Discussion
8:30     TBA:  TBD
8:50     Discussion
9:00     Coffee Break
9:15     TBA:  TBD
9:35     Discussion
9:45     TBA:  TBD
10:05   Discussion
10:15   TBA:  TBD
10:35   Discussion
10:45   Adjourn

Thursday PM: Synergistic accomplishments by Group (What we have learned from each other) - I
February 24    Chair:

4:30     TBA:  LISA
4:50     Discussion
5:00     TBA:  GEO 600
5:10     Discussion
5:20     R. Drever:  Drever
5:40     Discussion
5:50     TBA:  TAMA
6:10     Discussion
6:20     Coffee Break
6:35     TBA:  ACIGA
6:55     Discussion
7:25     Discussion
7:35     Adjourn

Friday AM:  Synergistic accomplishments by Group (What we have learned from each other) - II
February 25 Chair:

8:00     TBA:  Allegro, Niobe
8:20     Discussion
8:30     TBA:  VIRGO
8:50     Discussion
9:00     Coffee Break
9:15     TBA:  LIGO
9:35     Discussion
9:45     David Berley:  View from NSF
10:10    Discussion
10:20    Adjourn

Friday PM:   Synergistic accomplishments by each Working Group (What we have learned from each other)
February 25  Chair:

4:30     TBA:  Lasers and Optics
5:15     Discussion
5:30     TBA:  Suspensions and thermal noise
6:15     Discussion
6:30     Coffee Break
6:45     TBA:  Advanced interferometer configurations
7:30     Discussion
7:45     Adjourn

Saturday AM: Synergistic accomplishments in Plans for Future Detectors
February 26    Chair:

8:00     TBA:  LCGT
8:30     Discussion
8:40     TBA:  Euro
9:10     Discussion
9:20     Coffee Break
9:35     TBA:  LIGO II
10:05    Discussion
10:15    Adjourn