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Computer Methods in Physics .docx


MVS job submission, nersp job submission.

Locally written general purpose codes:

Parkin01 PC and mac plotting codes


1.     Fittery/Welcome.doc htm-- General description

2.     Fittery\nlfit Fits data to a function

3.     Fittery\robfit Analyses spectra

Discrete Fourier Transform

  1. ligo\Power.doc htm - A discussion of how the strength of a line changes as the number of points change.
  2. ligo/Nyquist/Welcome.doc The Nyquist theorem and some of its implications.
  3. The error function conjugate Fittery\nlfit\aigau\Welcome.htm
  4. Fourier\Welcome.doc .htm

Wave Functions and Monte-Carlo work

1. General Monte-Carlo, Full Monte Carlo test .htm

2. Variational Monte Carlo.htm


Robfit in its variations

1. Supernova 1987A fit Tame Theorist --- Fittery\robfit\Welcome.htm
2. Denton conference
a. Nov 1998 fitting spectra to splines an attempt to explain fitting the continuum part of spectra.
b. Nov 2000 Simulating Detectors an attempt to explain fractional counts and the use of detector simulation in the design of detectors.
3. There is a surprising amount of radiation in the natural background as seen below.

A bit of detail about the natural background and an expansion of some of the regions of this plot is in Ztcase9.

4. A detailed fit to a set of "essentially" background files is described in the paper Detecting Low Levels of Plutonium with HPGe Spectra

5. Colloquium at UNR April 21, 2000 An attempt to explain curve fitting