Not all folders are available on the internet.  Contact Bob Coldwell for those that are not present.

6/29/2009 – I am rewriting nlfit – The standalone sections of nlfit - nlfit\NlfitM\Welcome.htm -- have begun to work. 

            The purpose of the re-write is to use multiple precision for PFA(I)´PFA(J) as tested in ..\MatrixInverse\Cholesky\Singular.doc .htm.  This should make the matrix “almost” always have an inverse.  I am also attempting to use a single set of Fortran, to simplify debugging.  This means that there are files from all over my web page in most compilations.  There is generally a link to a zip containing these files in each folder along with a bat file that updates only the Fortran used by this folder.

nlfit Welcome.htm




Weights/Welcome.doc .htm – includes the generation of artificial data and a discussion of Poisson statistics

ErrorMatrix\Welcome.htm – Standard Deviations




10/11/2007  12:00 PM           173,568 FitData.doc .htmThe subject of this folder

01/09/2007  12:17 AM           498,688 FA.doc .htm A few of the possible forms for the approximating function fA(c,x)