Robfit in its variations

1. Denton conference Nov 1998 fitting spectra to splines an attempt to explain fitting the continuum part of spectra.

2.á RobWin developed by George Lasche at Constellation Technology, is a commercially available windows interface to Robfit.
3. Fitting details

A.     Na´ve Newton Raphson minimization

B.     Extended Newton Raphson minimization

C.     Relative smoothers

D.     Practical Curve Fitting

E.      A few more Robmin Details

F.      Standard Deviations

G.     Data compression Findfun

H.     The direction file eff.dir

I.        The routine poly.for

5.      SNLFIT.ZIP The share ware code ready to go --except you need to write poly.for.

6.      Errinfun

7.      ..\srobfit\ ..\srobfit\ ..\srobfit\macrobfit.ZIP ../../nlfit/README.htm

8.      For details on the use of Robfit and the specific problem of making the singlet in ztcase1 into a doublet see ..\srobfit\Adventures with srobfit.htm.