(Cryo= "icy cold", genic="producing") The branch of physics that deals with very low temperatures, especially those near absolute zero.
(Cryo="icy cold", nics*="stupid people") the deep freezing of human bodies after death ** for preservation and for the extremely remote possibility of eventual revival in the future ***, when medical science advances to the point that dead, frozen people can be revived ****.



* nics was not in my dictionary, so I made a best guess as to its actual definition and / or origin.
** The law requires that the person be dead prior to freezing.
*** Why would the future want our dead frozen people?
**** After the novelty of reviving people wears off, how many people are going to be allowed to immigrate to the future?

This page is meant to be humor. It is my opinion and comments only. It is not attributable to the University of Florida or the Department of Physics or Cryogenic Services in any way. I never expected anyone to actually find it and view it other than the few people who were told about it directly. The most amusing part about it, is that the most common search phrase that people use to find this page is "UNDERWEAR?"