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And holy s#!% has the market changed since I last updated. (Again)

Welcome to Helium shortage 4.0 the bigger, new and improved shortage.

The helium shortage we've been in since 2017 had ended with the covid-19 pandemic economic slow down.
New sources of helium were being set up worldwide as well. But the USA Bureau of Mines Helium Reserve is being phased out. 
And, with the inevitable switch from fossil fuels to renewables, Helium will really become scarce because it is mostly a byproduct of natural gas extraction.

The typical way to get helium is in high pressure gas cylinders available from welding supply companies.
Just about anyone (maybe) can get helium from a welding supply store, but IT CAN KILL YOU. It is not a toy.
These are the cylinders you see at balloon filling places. They contain ~300 standard cubic feet of helium.(scf)
So you could fill about 300 balloons with of about a one foot diameter.
The helium would cost about $300 for the cheapest purity of helium, but you need to put a deposit on the cylinder (~$150) and you need a balloon filler regulator. (~$100US, ~$15US on eBay)
For other uses you will need an inert gas regulator (~$100-$300US).
Other higher purities of helium are available in the same type cylinder packages
for more money.
Do a search for "welding supplies" in your area.

USA Centric:
Wal-mart, Target, Party City sell smaller, cheaper tanks, with much less helium in them for ~$25-50US in their stores. sells the small tanks of helium. (~$50 plus shipping) from Worthington Cylinders. Tank can fill approximately (50) - 9" latex balloons, or (27) - 11" latex balloons with a float time of approximately 5-7 hours, or (27) - 18" Foil Balloons, or (20) - 20" Foil Balloons with a float time of approximately 4 days. Tank holds approximately 14.9 cubic feet of helium.

Commercial quantities are available from major gas suppliers; Praxair/Nexair, Matheson, BOC, Air Products, Air Liquide, Linde. They are the suppliers to the local welding supply companies.

They also sell liquid helium. But it is very unlikely that you need this. At least ~$20.00US/liquid liter (usually much higher) in 60, 100, 250, 500 liter containers in the US. Prices vary widely based on location.

Unfortunately, if you weren't already a helium buying customer, right now you can not buy commercial helium.  All existing buyers are all on allocations of 50% (more or less) of our previous year's purchases because of the existing helium shortage.

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The actual cost of 1 Liquid Liter of Commercial Helium

the actual cost of 1 Liquid Liter of In-House Helium.

You can not directly compare liter for liter costs.


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