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This is our PSI 1610 AS Helium Liquefier High pressure vessels, Gaseous helium storage Liquid nitrogen Storage tank Helium transfer in progress
The PSI Helium Liquefier Impure helium gas storage Liquid Nitrogen storage Filling a helium transport dewar
Our truck for liquid helium dewar transport One of our High Pressure recovery compressors Williamson recovery compressors The Gasboard
The truck used for transporting dewars to other buildings on campus One of the high pressure helium recovery compressors The low pressure helium recovery compressors at Williamson Hall The gasboard control panel at the NPB
Uninterruptable power supply Williamson Hall Gasboard Helium Purifier More Photos
One of the uninteruptable power supplies at Williamson Hall The high pressure gas handling board at Williamson hall with the old gas meter counters and the newer computer data aquisition box that replaced the counters. Our external helium purifier used for adding pure gas to the pure storage cylinder bank.

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