MBI Cryogenics Systems Status.

This is information that I believe is true and current. It is not intended to be policy or the final word of or for the Department of Physics. I hope you find it useful.

Helium Recovery:

A helium recovery line is in place between the MBI and the NPB. The MBI will be using a low pressure gas transfer system. Recovered gas from the MBI will be metered and collected into a recovery balloon. Low pressure compressors compress the gas just enough to send it down the pipe to the NPB. The whole system is automated and remotely monitored. The gas recovery balloon is installed along with two compressors and two gas meters in LG 136. Both Physics and Praxair liquid helium dewars may now be stored in room LG-136 and connected to the recovery system.

Liquid Helium:

I have extended the cryonet wire and the recovery lines out into the hallway so that Physics dewars can be delivered and picked up from the hallway as the vendor dewars are. Requests for helium should be by phone, Web or e-mail. Please return unused dewars to room LG-136 as soon as you are done with them, empty or not. Plug all helium dewars into the recovery system, including vendor owned dewars. The helium liquefaction equipment is in the NPB. We have a truck for transporting dewars to and from the UFBI.


Each lab has agas meter and a remote counter. The counter will be automatically read, recorded, reset and sent via computer to the NPB for inventorying each workday.

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