The final grading is now complete.  Here  are the results

Have a good summer!

Here is the Spring 2002 syllabus as a web page .

Here is the link to work on your homework:

NOTE: Your "Student PIN" is the last 4 digits of your SSN followed by 00000,  that is five zeros.  The CAPA ID is the special number that changes for every homework assignment.

Homework set 4:  1,2 and 3,  4,5,6,7 and 8, 9,10 and 11,  and 12.

Here is a link to the formulae you will be given for the first test.  During the test you will be given no explanation about what the formulae mean.

Here is a  link to the "formula sheet" for the second test.

Here is a  link to the "formula sheet" for the third test.

Practice problems for the final exam:
There are two not-for-credit homework sets with practice problems which you might want to look at to help prepare for the final exam.  These may be accessed in the usual way.  Set15 can be opened on or after 4/20/02 and the correct answers will appear on 4/25/02, and Set16 can be opened on 4/20/02 and the correct answers will appear on  4/26/02.

Here is a  link to the "formula sheet" for the final exam.

Here is an amusing note I received from a friend of mine describing some of the frustrations of explaining physics to the general public.

The American Institute of Physics puts out a weekly bulletin concerning newsworthy events in physics.

Robert L. Parks (University of Maryland) has an amusing weekly note concerning physics and public policy.  His column ranges from the space station and nuclear arms to alternative medicine.  His opinions are shared by many physicists, but you may be surprised by some of them.  I enjoy this quite a bit.