Class Diary for PHY 6346

   Date          Notes
M 8/24  Classes Begin: Introduction, Administrivia. Begin Chapter 1, Coulomb's Law. Electric field of long wire.
W 8/26 Divergence of electric field. ∇⋅(x/r3); digression on δ-functions. Gauss's Law ∇⋅E = ρ/ε0 ; ∇×E = 0
F 8/28 More properties of δ-functions.
M 8/31 Potential E = −Φ, Poisson's equation ∇2Φ = −ρ/ε0. Potential of long wire, renormalization. Boundary conditions.
W 9/2 Electrostatic energy, ideal conductors, capacitance.
F 9/4 Greens identities, Green's theorem, uniqueness, Green's functions (Dirichlet, Neumann)
M 9/7 Labor Day (no class)
W 9/9 Begin Chapter 2: Images in a plane, images in a sphere. Green's function for a sphere. Two hemispheres held at opposite potential
F 9/11 Potential at center of a sphere. Two hemispheres held at opposite potential, exact solution on-axis, approximate solution.
M 9/14 Images in two parallel planes. Separation of variables in Cartesian coordinates.
W 9/16 Cube with one face at V0. Summing a series.
F 9/18 Fourier sine series for δ(xx'). Green's function for a square.
M 9/21 Finish Green's function for a square. Begin Chapter 3: Separation of variables in spherical coordinates, radial solution.
W 9/23 Spherical coordinates. Legendre's equation. Rodrigues' formula preliminaries.
F 9/25 Rodrigues' formula. Orthogonality, Beta functions and integral normalization of Legendre polynomials.
M 9/28 Pl(0). Legendre polynomial expansion of step function. Sphere with two hemispheres at opposite potential.
W 9/30 Expansion of Green's function in Legendre polynomials. m ≠ 0, Legendre functions Plm. Spherical harmonics.
F 10/2 Addition theorem for spherical harmonics. Begin Green's function for V between two spheres.
M 10/5 Green's function between two spheres. Limits. Conducting sphere in a uniform applied field.
W 10/7 Laplace's equation in cylindrical geometry. Bessel's equation.
F 10/9 Bessel functions, recursions, zero[e]s, orthogonality.
M 10/12 Bessel function integral normalization. Bessel function expansion of step function.
W 10/14 Continuous k. More about Bessel function.
Thursday 10/15 Midterm Exam 7:30pm   NEB 202
F 10/16 Finishing Bessel functions.
M 10/19 Begin Chapter 4, Multipole expansion of potential, electrostatic energy.
W 10/21 Spherical average E R. Electrostatics with polarization.
F 10/23 Linear dielectrics, susceptibility, relative permittivity. Models of polarizability. Dielectric sphere in uniform applied field.
M 10/26 Plane interface between two media, images revisited. Stored energy with dielectrics.
W 10/28 Begin Chapter 5, Magnetostatics. Biot-Savart Law. Force between currents.
F 10/30 Ampère's Law, no magnetic monopoles. Vector potential, straight wire, begin current loop. notes now up!
M 11/2 Vector potential of current loop, Elliptic integrals.
W 11/4 Far and near limits of current loop. Magnetic multipole expansion, magnetic dipole moment, dipole field.
F 11/6 Homecoming (no class)
M 11/9 Force on a dipole. Torque on a dipole. Magnetic moment and angular momentum. B R, Magnetization.
W 11/11 Veteran's Day (no class)
F 11/13 Idealizations: linear permeability, hard magnetization. Permeable sphere in uniform applied field.
M 11/16 Bar magnet as surface current, as surface charge. Begin induction, Faraday's law.
W 11/18 Conductivity, magnetic diffusion, skin depth.
F 11/20 Energy in magnetic field. Inductance. Displacement current.
M 11/23 Begin Chapter 6, Maxwell's equations. Gauge transformation. Wave equation, separation of variables. Green's function in Fourier space.
W 11/25
F 11/27
Thanksgiving (no class)
M 11/30 Advanced and retarded Green's functions for wave equation. Poynting's Theorem.
W 12/2 Field momentum density, momentum flux, Maxwell stress tensor.
Angular momentum of static electric and magnetic monopole fields.
F 12/4 Harmonic time dependences. Poynting revisited, impedance, resistance, reactance. Rotations, orthogonal transformations, generators.
M 12/7 Tensors. Vector content of Maxwell's equations.
W 12/9 Duality rotation. Last day of class.
Th 12/17 Final Exam, 5:30–7:30pm (Exam Period 17E)