Class Diary for PHY 6607

  Date       Notes
M 8/22 Classes Begin. Introduction, Administrivia. Conventions, choices.
W 8/24 Spacetime, parametrized curves, proper time. Twin paradox. 4-velocity, 4-acceleration, energy, momentum.
F 8/26 Lorentz transformations.
M 8/29 Pauli matrix representation
W 8/31 Boost1 × Boost2 = Boost' × Rotation. Dirac representation.
F 9/2 Hurricane Hermine!
M 9/5 Labor Day (no class)
W 9/7 Tensors
F 9/9 T(αβγ), T[αβγ], dual, p-forms, exterior derivative, Stokes theorem, "boundary of a boundary vanishes"
M 9/12 Scalar field Lagrangian density, functional derivative, vector field Lagrangian. Stress-energy tensor, energy conservation.
W 9/14 Stress-energy tensor, perfect fluid, equations of relativistic hydrodynamics.
F 9/16 Particle fluid. Relativistic hydrodynamics, number current, first law of thermodynamics. Canonical Maxwell stress tensor.
M 9/19 Noether theorem. Spin density, symmetric Maxwell stress tensor.
W 9/21 General coordinates, basis vectors, 1-forms, metric. Polar coordinates.
F 9/23 Covariant derivative of vector, connection. Covariant derivative of one-form.
M 9/26 Covariant derivative of tensor. Connection in terms of metric (and structure constants).
W 9/28 Laplacian. Exterior derivative. Parallel transport. Geodesic equation.
F 9/30 Parallel transport and geodesics on the sphere.
M 10/3 UKansas Colloquium (no class)
W 10/5 Parallel transport along a geodesic preserves norm, angles. Symmetries, Killing vectors, conservation laws.
Commutator of covariant derivatives, Riemann tensor. Symmetries and degrees of freedom.
F 10/7 Hurricane Matthew!
M 10/10 Curvature and parallel transport around a closed curve. Geodesic deviation. Ricci tensor, Ricci curvature scalar.
W 10/12 Locally Minkowski (g = η), freely falling (Γ = 0), frame. Bianchi identity. Einstein tensor.
F 10/14 Homecoming (no class)
M 10/17 Gravity as geometry, metric and Newtonian potential, gravitational redshift. Scalar Nordström gravity.
W 10/19 Tensor Einstein gravity. Weak field, trace reversed, Lorentz gauge.
F 10/21 Bending of light in linearized theory and post-Newtonian γ parameter. Spherical symmetry.
M 10/24 Schwarzschild solution. Radial effective potential.
W 10/26 Kepler, isotropic coordinates, precession in Schwarzschild solution.
F 10/28 Precession numbers for Mercury, PSR 1913+16, S2.
M 10/31 Killing vectors R, S,T. Killing vector identities.
W 11/2 Lie derivative. Schwarzschild revisited.
F 11/4 Penrose diagram. Birkhoff's theorem (uniqueness of Schwarzschild solution). Sources. TOV equation.
M 11/7 Constant density relativistic star. Degenerate Fermi star.
W 11/9 Weak field gravitational waves. TT gauge. "Plus" and "cross" polarizations.
F 11/11 Veteran's Day (no class)
M 11/14 Gravitational wave energy-momentum. Sources, quadrupole term.
W 11/16 Quadrupole angular distribution, radiated power. Coalescence of two 30 solar mass black holes at 70 billion light years distance.
F 11/18 Einstein-Hilbert action.
M 11/21 Einstein Hilbert action. Energy momentum tensor source. Charged (Reissner Nordström) black ho,e
W 11/23–F 11/25 Thanksgiving (no class)
M 11/28 Rotating black hole, surface gravity, temperature, area theorem, entropy, thermodynamics. Hawking radiation.
W 11/30 Black hole evaporation. No hair. Extra dimensions.
F 12/2 Extrinsic curvature.
M 12/5 Gauss-Codazzi equations.
W 12/7 Last day of class. GPS.