Class Diary for PHY 7608

  Date       Notes
W 1/4 Classes Begin. Introduction, Administrivia. Black hole infall in coordinate time and proper time. Khuri cycloid solution.
F 1/6 Tortoise coordinate. Advanced and retarded null coordinates. Ingoing and outgoing Eddington Finkelstein coordinates. Kruskal coordinates.
M 1/9 Conformally rescaled, Penrose diagram. Reissner Nordström (charged) black hole.
W 1/11 Tensor valued forms, connection one-forms, curvature two-forms,
F 1/13 Application of curvature two-forms to the sphere. Connection one-forms for closed (three-sphere) FRW.
M 1/16 MLK Day, no class
W 1/18 Curvature two-forms for FRW. Kerr metric.
F 1/20 Geodesics in Kerr.
M 1/23 Kerr horizons. Static limit, ergosphere.
W 1/25 Komar energy, mass and angular momentum inferred at infinity.
F 1/27 Killing horizon, surface gravity, Black hole temperature and entropy.
M 1/30 Bogoliubov transformation, Hawking radiation.
W 2/1 Homogeneous istropic universe. Radio sources, SW galaxies, UV galaxies, X-ray sources, gamma ray bursts, CMB.
F 2/3 RW curvatures (curvature two-forms, extrinsic curvature). Friedman equations. Fluid stress energy sources, radiation, matter, curvature/cosmic string, domain walls, Dark Energy. Expansion, cosmological redshift. χ(z), horizon problem.
F 2/10 Ω(z). Flatness problem.
M 2/13 Δχ(z) along photon trajectory. Luminosity distance, peculiar velocity distance, angular diameter distance.
W 2/15 Magnitudes. Luminosity function.
F 2/17 Number counts per redshift (per luminosity). Radio source counts per redshift (per flux). Sky brightness.
M 2/20 in thermal universe, number density, energy density, entropy density, effective (boson) degrees of freedom. geff
Thermal history of the universe: Planck era, Grand Unification, QCD confinement, ν decoupling e+e annihilations, Tγ/Tν = (11/4)1/3. nucleosynthesis, CMB decoupling
W 2/22 Observed baryon number per entropy, baryon asymmetry from free decay.
F 2/24 Boltzmann equation, evolution equations.
M 2/27 Magnetic monopoles, Kibble mechanism, Parker bound, Cabrera event
W 3/1 WIMPs
F 3/3 Scalar field dynamics.
3/6–3/10 Spring Break
M 3/13 Slow roll parameters. Scalar field near potential minimum.
W 3/15 Inhomogeneities. Correlation function, power spectrum.
F 3/17 Windowed mass fluctuations, discreteness terms in number fluctuations
M 3/20 Moments of Vlasov equation in expanding universe.
W 3/22 Perturbation theory master equation. Fiducial matter-dominated solution. Pressure, Jeans mass.
F 3/24 Velocity perturbations. Peculiar kinetic energy, gravitational correlation energy. Open universe, f(Ω)
M 3/27 Virgo infall. Uniform radiation background.
W 3/29 Recombination. Saha equation, ionization freezeout.
F 3/31 General sketch of CDM power spectrum. Relativistic perturbation theory: scalar, vector, tensor modes.
M 4/3 Relativistic perturbation theory: gauge invariant quantities.
W 4/5 Relativistic perturbation theory: some modes, numerical integration (Ma & Bertschinger)
F 4/7 CMB fluctuations, numerical results (CAMB)
M 4/10 Dark Matter performance
W 4/12 Statistics: moment generating function, cumulant generating function, effective potential
F 4/14 Continuous field, Poisson discrete realization, probabilities
M 4/17 Probability generating function, negative binomial/modified Bose-Einstein distribution
W 4/19 Last day of class. Clusters and voids.