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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Additional Thoughts on Multiverse

Many people are talking about and have opinions or theories about "multiverse or multiverses." The word "Multiverse" seems to indicate more than one universe. To some people "Multiverse" means some kind of parallel "Universes." To some people the term "Multiverse" is about the physical Universe being more than our Big Bang. My concept is not about parallel universes but is about the physical Universe being infinitely larger than our Big Bang and; that when the Universe is finally understood by man, there can only be "One Universe." My concept is simple logic derived from the recent remarkable discovery that the expansion of our Big Bang is accelerating. That discovery has answered many of the questions I had about the Universe and our Big Bang. It has allowed me formulate my version of, "What caused the Big Bang." The Galaxies of our Big Bang will accelerate off in all directions until they are virtually alone in space and will eventually end their lives by being swallowed up by the gravity of the massive black holes left over from other Big Bangs of the infinite universe. This explains the cause of our Big Bang. Long before the Big Bang we are living in, probably some trillions of years (my guess), there was another Big Bang at the same location and a massive Black Hole was created. Over the trillions of years, the gravity of the Black Hole swallowed up Galaxies from other expanding Big Bangs until it reached I would suggest The mass of a Big Bang; and then the event of our Big Bang occurred, again no less! So, these Big Bang events occur over and over through out The Universe. I believe that we are therefore in a universe which is infinitely bigger than we previously thought.

There are some other things I would like to comment on:

1.) Black Holes - Defined as what is left over from a very large stars explosion and implosion & contraction, the density of which is proportional to the star's original mass. The larger the star the denser the remaining mass. A small star like ours winds up a White Dwarf, a larger star a Neutron Star, a big star an even denser massive remnant called a Black Hole, a billion star mass at the center of a Galaxy also called a Black Hole and the 100 Billion Galaxies mass left over from a Big Bang event called a Black Hole. I have read articles that say Black Holes have collapsed to infinity and can't be seen. I have trouble with that concept. I understand that they collapse to a very dense mass but, I think the matter eventually stops the collapse no matter how big the Black Hole and remains and could be seen, with one exception. I would like to suggest, that once enough mass is packed into what I believe would be the most massive possible Black Hole, an event would occur that we know of as the beginning of a Big Bang. That mass could be called a 1 Big Bang mass. The evidence of this occurrence is that our own Big Bang did happen.

2.) Galaxies - All the Galaxies or groups of Galaxies connected by gravity that were created by our Big Bang are accelerating away from the center of our Big Bang therefore, away from each other and therefore will become more and more alone in space. Galaxies are not expanding and therefore I would think they may eventually collapse. These collapsed "bullets" will eventually be caught by the gravity of one the universe's Big Bangs left over Black Hole. The evidence of this might already be inside our expanding Big Bang. Someone may discover a Galaxy or it's Black Hole remains coming in and heading for the center of our Big Bang rather than going out like all the other Galaxies. This will be the greatest step forward in Astronomy yet and would prove the existence of other Big Bangs.

3.) Time - I Like to think of time as being not complicated. You can measure it any way you like. You have the past the present and the future. There is a lot of speculation of time travel. I'm sorry, but I think it's not possible. I think the entire university is happening all at the exact same time. I think the future will go on forever. There will always be a tomorrow. I think the past goes on forever. No matter what time of the past you think about, there was always a past before that.

4.) The beginning of the Universe - I think most people start with the conclusion that the Universe has to have had a beginning. Therefore it started from nothing and that has to be explained. Science looks for that explanation. Other people believe it was created and that needs no explanation. I do not see a way for the Universe to have had a beginning or to have boundary limits. I can only theorise that, the Universe has gone on in the past forever, that it will go on in the future forever and that it is infinite in size. What I mean by that is that there are an infinite number of Big Bangs.
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