Selected Biological Physics Links

The following list is a very incomplete sampling of the biological physics sites available on the Web. You are encouraged to explore these sites and find others of your own. If you discover that some of these links are dead, or if you find other better stuff, please let me know:
 email:  s j hagen at ufl dot edu

Google Biophysics (A directory of sites ranked by popularity)

Professional Organizations

Biological physics books & journals Undergraduate & Graduate Programs Scaling laws and dimensional analysis in biology Magnetic and Gravitational Effects on plants and animals Major Biophysics and Structural Biology Centers and Facilities

Molecular Biology Databases and Related Sites

Biophysical Systems

Human Genome Project  -- three complementary views of the human genome

Biological physics classes at other universities

Amazing biological drawings and animation

Medical Physics (or Radiation Physics)

Optical Techniques & Fluorescence

NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)

Computational Biophysics

X-Ray Crystallagraphy and Related Sites

Some more entertaining physics sites