The HERWIG Program
           HERWIG is a program used by Particle Physicists to predict the types of observations you might get, given a specific collider and other input parameters. HERWIG is a full blown event generation program similar to PYTHIA. In order to run HERWIG for supersymmetric processes we will first use ISASUGRA to calculate the mass spectrum. Here we run a modified version of ISASUGRA which uses ISAWIG to create a decay table for HERWIG.
           Supersymmetry (SUSY) is a symmetry between particles and their super-symmetric partners. If SUSY were exact the super-particles would have the same mass as their partners and would therefore have been discovered already. Since these particles have not been discovered, either SUSY is not a symmetry of the physical universe, or it is broken in some way. The models below represent different manifestations of SUSY breaking. Click on a model below to begin :

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