The PYTHIA Program
          PYTHIA is a program used by Particle Physicists to predict the types of observations you might get, given a specific collider and other input parameters. Here, you will be able to input parameters into the program, run the program through the UF, and recieve output as any well to do Particle Physicist might do.
           PYTHIA will tell us what sorts of outcomes we can expect to get when we run an experiment in the real world. To use the program, we need to input the parameters that describe the supersymmetric model. Once you choose these parameters, you can run PYTHIA (at the UF's expense) on the experiment you chose by pressing the big red button on the bottom of your screen. The output of the program will contain the cross-sections for each process chosen as well as the physical masses and branching fractions which describe the decay modes of the particles. The cross section is directly related to the probability that the process will occur. Select the parameters below, and run PYTHIA !
       Note: You may obtain the 'Full MSSM' data by running ISAJET

PYTHIA Website

Type of Reaction : pp pp pp        Energy :         Specify the number of events:

Select Scenario and Select SUSY Parameters:

Isasugra SUGRA                                           ⇒ Full MSSM
m1/2   =        
sgn(μ)   =  
tan(β)   =  
m0   =  
A0   =  
1:M1 =   6:MlL =   11:MbR =   16:At =
2:M2 =   7:MlR =   12:MtR =   17:Aτ =
3:M3 =   8:MQL =   13:MτL =   19:MA =
4:μ =   9:MdR =   14:MτR =   22:MuR =
5:tan(β) =   10:MQ3 =   15:Ab =

Turn initial/final state radiation on:

Choose SUSY Processes to Generate:
          Choose a set of processes.

          Choose Individual Sub-Processes (the numbers are defined in the table below)

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