PHY 2060

Enriched Physics 1 — Spring 2008


PHY 2060 is an introductory course in mechanics, covering aspects of kinematics and dynamics (both linear and rotational), conservation laws, harmonic motion, and special relativity.

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Who Should Take PHY 2060?

This is the first course of the enriched sequence, designed for physics majors and other students who have completed a year of high-school physics and who wish to explore the material in greater depth than is offered by the other introductory physics sequences. If you are unsure whether you should take PHY 2060 or one of the alternatives (such as PHY 2048), please consult the instructor or a Physics Department Undergraduate Advisor.


Physics, Volume 1 The course text is Physics, Volume 1 by R. Resnick, D. Halliday, and K. S. Krane (5th ed., Wiley, 2001). This text is required, meaning that you will be assumed to have access to this text to complete reading and homework assignments. It is essential that you have the Fifth Edition, which differs substantially from earlier editions.

How to Succeed in PHY 2060

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