More Pictures of the Kitchen

Here we show some more pictures of the kitchen of the Florida Solar Cracker Home.

View from the east end of the kitchen looking toward the bedroom.

Similar view, panned to the north, showing the pantry.

View from the southeast end of the kitchen looking toward the bathroom door. In the foreground is a breakfast bar behind the propane stove.

View of the kitchen table from near the bathroom door. We eat in the kitchen, not in the area labeled "dining room" in the floorplan. Shown is the circuit breaker box for all of our 120VAC power in the house. It is supplied by the inverter output from the utility room downstairs.

A view from near the bathroom door looking southeast. In the background is the SunFrost R-10 refrigerator. In the center is the Premier propane stove, directly across from the wood cookstove. The door on the left leads to the east porch.