24th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics 
updated 03/30/05
10 - 17 August 2005    Orlando, Florida, USA
hosted by Department of Physics, University of Florida, Gainesville

   Chair: Gary G. Ihas   Secretary: Mark W. Meisel   Publications: Yasu Takano   Program: Allen Goldman

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LT 24
The London and Simon Prizes

        The Opening Ceremonies of the Conference will be dedicated to the presentation of the London Memorial Prize and the Simon Memorial Prize.  This arrangement continues the tradition of presenting the London Prize at the LT meetings and, for the first time, combines this ceremony with the presentation of the Simon Prize.  At this time, nominations are being solicited for both prizes, and more information is given in the following text and links.

2004 Simon Prize: Award Announcement       2005 London Prize: Award Announcement

Previous Recipients of the Simon Prize         Previous Recipients of the London Prize

2004 Simon Memorial Prize Award Announcement

(The following text is posted at http://conferences.iop.org/SPC/.)

The Low Temperature Group of the Institute of Physics is very pleased to announce that the Simon Memorial Prize for 2004 has been awarded to Grigory Volovik, of the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics in Moscow and the Low Temperature Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology, for his pioneering research on the effects of symmetry in superfluids and superconductors and the extension of these ideas to quantum field theory, cosmology, quantum gravity and particle physics. The Prize will be awarded at this special Simon Memorial Prize Conference where Professor Volovik will present a lecture on Emergent physics: a condensed matter primer.

The Simon Memorial Prize commemorates the outstanding contributions to science of Sir Francis Simon. It is awarded for distinguished work in experimental or theoretical low temperature physics. This is an International Prize with no restrictions as to nationality and is awarded by the Low Temperature Group of the Institute of Physics. The policy has been to avoid awarding the prize to those who have received the Fritz London Memorial Prize or other comparable prizes. Recent winners were Professor A.F.Andreev (1995), Professors G.R.Pickett and A.M.Guénault (1998), and Professor G.Frossati (2001). A full list of prizewinners is given on http://about.iop.org/IOP/Awards/simon.html or may be viewed here.

The Prize was presented at a special Simon Memorial Prize Conference in London on 22 September 2004 (see above link for details). The recipient will be invited to give a plenary talk at LT24 in Orlando, August 2005.

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The London Memorial Prize

 The Fritz London Memorial Prize is an international prize awarded once every three years and which is intended to recognize outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to low temperature physics.  The Prize is supported by endowments created at Duke University by the late John Bardeen, by the organizers of LT20 and LT22, and by Horst Meyer.  In addition, Oxford Instruments has provided generous support since 1996.

Equal shares of the 2005 Fritz London Memorial Prize are awarded to:

Sébastien Balibar (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France),
In recognition of his work on the surfaces of helium crystals, especially their roughening transitions, their quantum dynamics, and their instability under stress, for his study of cavitation in liquid helium at negative pressure using high amplitude acoustic waves and for his early experiments on quantum evaporation of superfluid 4He;

J. C. Séamus Davis (Cornell University, USA),
In recognition of his studies of superfluid 3He weak link arrays revealing a rich variety of phenomena including quantum interference and for the invention and development of spectroscopic imaging STM techniques and their application in studies of individual impurity/dopant atom effects, vortex-core electronic structure, quasiparticle interference effects and alternative ordered states in the cuprate superconductors; and

Richard E. Packard (University of California, Berkeley, USA),
In recognition of his studies in superfluid helium of important macroscopic quantum effects on the single quantum level including the detection of single quantized vortex lines, the photography of quantized vortices and the proof of quantization of circulation in 3He, and for his development of weak link arrays in both  3He and 4He and the discoveries of a rich variety of related phenomena including quantum interference.

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The London and Simon Prizes (Previous Recipients)

The Fritz London Memorial Prize
The Sir Fancis Simon Memorial Prize
1958      N. Kurti

1960      L. D. Landau

1962      J. Bardeen

1964      D. Shoenberg

1966      C. J. Gorter

1968      W. M. Fairbank

1970      B. D. Josephson

1972      A. Abrikosov

1975      J. C. Wheatley

1978     W. L. MacMillan
              J. M. Rowell
              G. Ahlers

1981      A. J. Leggett
              J. D. Reppy
              I. Rudnick

1984     W. Buckel
             O. V. Lounasmaa
             D. J. Thouless

1987     J. Clarke
             J. Kondo
             J. G. Bednorz
             K. A. Müller

1990     A. Larkin
             P. C. Hohenberg
             R. C. Dynes

1993     D. S. Greywall
             H. Meyer
             A. Schmid

1996     M. H. W. Chan
             E. Cornell
             C. Wieman

1999     D. Brewer
             W. Ketterle
             M. Krusius

2002     R. J. Donnelly
             W. Hardy
             A. M. Goldman

2005     S. Balibar
              J.C. Davis
              R.E. Packard

1959      H. London

1961      I. M. Lifschitz

1963      H. E. Hall
              W. F. Vinen

1965      J. C. Wheatley

1968      K. A. G. Mendelssohn

1970      W. Meissner

1973      P. Kapitza

1976      D. M. Lee
              D. D. Osheroff
              R. C. Richardson

1981      A. J. Leggett

1983      D. O. Edwards

1986      Y. V. Sharvin

1989      R. A. Webb

1992      O. Avenel
              E. Varoquaux 

1995      A. F. Andreev

1998      G. R. Pickett
              A. M. Guénault

2001      G. Frossati

2004     G. Volovik

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