Current Ph. D. students

Hridis Kumar Pal (expected graduation date: May 2012)

Ali Ashrafi (expected graduation date: May 2013)

Former group members

Former post-doctoral research associates:

Oleg Starykh (1996-1998): faculty member at the University of Utah

Cristiano Biagini (1998-1999): NMR imaging, Florence, Italy

Eugene Sukhorukov (2001--2002): faculty member, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Shan-Wen Tsai (2000-2003): faculty member,  University of California, Riverside

Dmitrii Gutman (2005--2007): faculty member, Bar-Ilan Univeristy, Israel

Former graduate students:

Suhas Gangadhariah Ph.D. 2005: faculty member,  Indian Institute for Science, Education, and Research, Bhopal

Gregory Martin Ph.D. 2005: technical staff  at Intel

Ronojoy Saha Ph.D. 2006: financial industry

Chungwei Wang Ph.D. 2011