High Energy Physics Seminars
Spring 2018

The High Energy Physics Seminars are normally held at 2 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Location: 2165 New Physics Building.
Also see Fall 2017 schedule and some useful visitor information

Seminar organizer: Konstantin Matchev

Special colloquium:
Thursday January 11
NPB 2205 2 pm
James Gainer (University of Hawaii) "The LHC: The Higgs, SUSY and Beyond"
Friday January 12 James Gainer (University of Hawaii) "Theory in an Era of Data: My View"
Tuesday January 16 TBA
Special colloquium:
Wednesday January 17
NPB 2205 2 pm
Aron Wall (Stanford University) "How low can the energy density go?"
Thursday January 18
NPB 2165 2 pm
Aron Wall (Stanford University) "How to make a traversable wormhole"
Friday January 19 reserved for an astro talk
Tuesday January 23 TBA
Special colloquium:
Thursday January 25
NPB 1002 4 pm
Joshua Berger (University of Wisconsin) "Dark Matter: Future Ways to Discovery"
Friday January 26 Joshua Berger (University of Wisconsin) "Astrophysical Probes of Axions and Majorons"
Tuesday January 30 TBA
Special colloquium:
Thursday February 1
NPB 2205 2 pm
Ilias Cholis (Johns Hopkins University) "Searching for Dark Matter in High Energy Astrophysics"
Friday February 2 Ilias Cholis (Johns Hopkins University) "New Approaches for Indirect Dark Matter Searches"
Tuesday February 6 TBA
Special colloquium:
Tuesday February 6
NPB 2205 4 pm
Rodrigo Alonso (CERN) "Effective Field Theory in Particle Physics"
Wednesday February 7
NPB 2165 2 pm
Rodrigo Alonso (CERN) "On the origin of mass of elementary particles"
Friday February 9 TBA
Tuesday February 13 TBA
Special colloquium:
Thursday February 15
NPB 2205 2 pm
Wei Xue (CERN) "Exploring the Dark Universe: from Cosmology to Colliders"
Friday February 16 Wei Xue (CERN) "Exploring the Dark Universe: from Theory to Data"
Tuesday February 20 reserved for an astro talk
Friday February 23
Tuesday February 27
reserved for an astro talk
Friday March 2 TBA
Tuesday March 6 Spring Break
Friday March 9 Spring Break
Tuesday March 13 Jennifer Kile "Localized 4-sigma and 5-sigma Dijet Mass Excesses in ALEPH LEP2 Four-Jet Events"
Friday March 16 (experimental astro talk) Ada Uminska "Non-linear spectroscopy of atomic vapours inside hollow-core fibres"
Tuesday March 20 Doojin Kim (CERN) TBA
Friday March 23 TBA
Tuesday March 27 TBA
Friday March 30 TBA
Tuesday April 3 Xunwu Zuo (UF) "Qualifying Exam"
Friday April 6 TBA
Tuesday April 10
Special time: 3 pm
Daniel Brooker (UF) Thesis defense
Special day and time:
Thursday April 12 2pm
Dipsikha Debnath (UF) Thesis defense
Friday April 13 Hualin Mei (UF) "Recent Higgs boson results from the ATLAS and CMS experiments"
Abstract: In this talk, I will report the most recent Higgs Boson results, among which are the Higgs boson mass measurement, measurements of differential Higgs boson production cross sections, direct evidence of the Higgs boson couplings to the top and bottom quarks, combined measurements of Higgs boson couplings to vector bosons and fermions. Also reported are results of searches for rare (mumu, Zgamma) and invisible decays of the Higgs boson. Several of these results, including the world's best measurement of the Higgs boson mass, have been led by the UF group.
Tuesday April 17 TBA
Friday April 20 Qiaoli Yang "Axionlike particles, dark photons and the misalignment mechanism."
Tuesday April 24 Undergraduate Senior Thesis Presentations
Friday April 27 TBA
Tuesday May 1 TBA
Friday May 4 TBA