University of Florida | Department of Physics
PHY 7097 "Machine Learning"
Fall 2021
Final Project Assignments

Rubric (40 pts total):

  • Introducing the topic [10]: what is the question we are trying to answer? Why is it important? Previous approaches - pros and cons. Why do we expect a (new) ML method would help in this case?
  • Machine learning aspect [10]: what ML technique was applied, what dictated the choice of this particular technique, rough description of the technique, choice of hyperparameters, training/validation (if applicable), results, conclusions.
  • Overall impression [5] and time management [5]: optimal mix of text/graphics/formulas, no spelling and grammar mistakes, appropriate font size, labelling the plots/axes, effective use of color/illustrations; finish within the alloted time of 12 min. (leaving 3 min for questions).
  • Feedback [10]. The remaining 10 pts will be distributed for submitting an evaluation and feedback for at least ten presentations.

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