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PiTP 2007


This page contains material pertinent to the Cosmology/DM lectures at PiTP 2007.


Lecture 1 (07/19/2007) Tutorial on the MicrOMEGAs program for calculating the relic density in a generic new physics model.
  • Students are welcome to bring their laptops to class and follow the installation procedure and examples. Since the wireless access in the lecture hall is turned off, it is better to have the program source code micromegas_2.0.6.tgz preloaded on your laptop.
  • A short writeup with installation instructions and some examples. Hard copies of these instructions will be printed out and made available before the lecture.
  • For more details on the program, refer to the published manuals for version 1.3 and version 2.0.
  • A Makefile which fixes the bug for the case of nonsupersymmetric generic new models. Place it in the lib subdirectory of your new project directory.
  • MicrOMEGAs makes use of the CalcHEP package, which is similar to CompHEP. To gain familiarity with CalcHEP/CompHEP, you may want to review the homework from the Practicum on Simulations at PiTP 2005.

Lecture 2 (07/20/2007) Dark matter candidates in theories beyond the Standard Model.

Lecture 3 (07/20/2007) Determining the dark matter particle properties in the lab.