PHZ 7359 "Standard Model II"
Class Diary for Spring 2016


Date Notes
Wednesday 1/6 Introductions, course policies, course web page. Review of the final exam from part I.
Friday 1/8 Basic ingredients of a theory model: particles, gauge groups, representations, gauge and Yukawa interactions. The Standard Model: particles and their quantum numbers. Review of SM gauge interactions. Gauge boson self-interactions. Couplings among the W, Z and photon. Yukawa couplings. CKM matrix.
Monday 1/11 Discussion of the diphoton excess in ATLAS and CMS.
Wednesday 1/13 Peskin Chapter 14: The parton model of hadron structure. Asymptotic freedom. Hadroproduction in e+e- collisions (section 5.1, "Production of quark-antiquark pairs", Fig. 5.3). and hadron collisions (Chapter 14). Peskin Chapter 14. Deep inelastic scattering. Asymptotic freedom. RGE for the gauge coupling in non-abelian gauge theories.
Friday 1/15 Peskin Chapter 17. From quarks to QCD. e+e- annihilation into hadrons - cancellation of infrared divergences. Leading order (LO) vs next-to-leading order (NLO) Monte Carlo event generators. Peskin Chapter 17. Running of alpha3. Gluon emission and jet production.
Monday 1/18 No class: MLK day.
Wednesday 1/20 Peskin Section 17.3. Deep inelastic scattering (electron on proton). 17.3 Deep inelastic scattering (neutrino on proton) The parton distribution functions. Sea and valence quarks.
Friday 1/22 Relations among the cross-sections for various parton-level processes. General kinematics of pair production.
Monday 1/25 Jet pair production. Parton level QCD cross-sections. Color factors. Crossing symmetry.
Wednesday 1/27 More parton level cross-sections. Detailed balancing. Predicting the rate for dark matter production at colliders, hep-ph/0403004.

Begin "QCD and Collider Physics" Chapter 3.1: The total hadronic cross-section in e+e- collisions. Infrared safe observables. Common renormalization scale choices.

Friday 1/29 "QCD and Collider Physics" Chapter 3.3: Jet cross-sections. Chapter 3.4: Event shape variables.
Monday 2/1 Chapter 3.5: The triple gluon vertex. Bengtsson-Zerwas angle. Chapter 5.1. Parton Branching. Splitting functions. Phase space for parton splitting.
Wednesday 2/3 DGLAP equations. Monte Carlo simulation of parton showering.
Friday 2/5 Hadronization models. General purpose event generators: ISAJET, PYTHIA, HERWIG.
Monday 2/8 Intro to the MSSM. Particle content of the MSSM. Quantum numbers.
Wednesday 2/10 SUSY nomenclature. The need for 2 Higgs doublets. Cancellation of quadratic divergences. Hierarchy problem. Gauge coupling unification.
Friday 2/12 Gauge interactions of superpartners. Main SUSY production processes at the LHC.
Monday 2/15 Supersymmetry transformation on component fields. Superspace. Superfields. Grassmann numbers and integration. Superpotential. Deriving the SUSY interactions from the superpotential.
Wednesday 2/17 R-parity violating terms in the superpotential. Matter parity. R-parity. Proton decay. F-terms.
Friday 2/19 RGE's and beta functions for the gauge couplings in the SM and MSSM. SU(5) GUTs. Doublet-triplet splitting problem. Solving the RGE's for the gauge couplings. Predictions from grand unification: M_susy. The SUSY soft breaking Lagrangian: soft mass parameters. Counting input parameters. Constraints from flavor and CP violating processes.
Monday 2/22 Computing the SUSY mass spectrum in a given model of SUSY breaking. Gaugino mass RGE and its solution. Consequences from the assumption of gaugino mass universality. Solving the scalar RGEs in the MSSM. Qualitative features of the mass spectrum.
Wednesday 2/24 The MSSM mass spectrum: chargino, neutralino, squark and slepton mass matrices. Solving the third generation RGEs. Radiative electroweak symmetry breaking in the MSSM.
Friday 2/26 Main SUSY discovery signatures. Direct LSP production (monojets, single photons). Slepton pair production. Chargino pair production. Chargino-neutralino pair-production (golden channel). Squark and gluino production (multuijets plus missing energy).
Monday 3/29 Spring break.
Wednesday 3/2 Spring break.
Friday 3/4 Spring break.
Monday 3/7 SUSY spectrum calculators. Sabine Kraml's web page, SUPERSIM. Simulating supersymmetry in PYTHIA. My subroutine for the mass spectrum. PYTHIA exercise: "MSUGRA". Phenomenology of MSUGRA - MSUGRA parameter space. Computer tutorial on SUSY simulation. Masses, cross-sections and branching fractions. Simulating chargino and neutralino production at the LHC in PYTHIA. Cross-sections for various production subprocesses. Main production diagrams. The gold plated mode. LHA files. SUSY in Calchep. Typical decay modes of the chargino. Calculating SUSY branching fractions.
Some other topics: Sum rules for the masses of the first generation squarks and sleptons. Collider signatures of supersymmetry - looking under the lamppost. Minimal gauge mediation.
Wednesday 3/9 Methods for measuring the masses of semi-invisibly decaying particles arXiv:1004.2732.
SUSY mass measurements in a long decay chain arXiv:0903.4371.
Friday 3/11 Combinatorial backgrounds: mixed event subtraction.
SM backgrounds: opposite flavor subtraction.
Transverse projections arXiv:1105.2977. MT2 variable hep-ph/9906349.
The MT2 "kink" arXiv:0709.0288. The 3+1 dimensional analogues of MT2 arXiv:1212.1720
Monday 3/14 Momentum reconstruction in SUSY-like missing energy events.
Subsystem MT2 arXiv:0810.5576.
Decomposition within the transverse plane arXiv:0910.1584.
MT2perp and MT2 parallel arXiv:0910.3679.
Meff variable hep-ph/0006276.
Smin variable arXiv:0812.1042.
Subsystem Smin variable arXiv:1006.0653.
Wednesday 3/16 First midterm exam. Topics: QCD and SUSY.
Friday 3/18 Review and discussion of midterm exam.
Monday 3/21 Direct dark matter detection. Indirect dark matter detection: positrons, gamma rays, neutrinos.
Wednesday 3/23 TASI-2011 tutorial on Micromegas.
Friday 3/25 Dark matter detection. Complementarity of direct, indirect and collider searches. Dark matter at LHC
Monday 3/28 Fild trip to FSU. Dirac Lectures on neutrinos. UF-FSU Pheno symposium.
Wednesday 3/30 Fild trip to FSU. Dirac Lectures on neutrinos. UF-FSU Pheno symposium.
Friday 4/1 Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions. Particle spectrum in UED.
Monday 4/4 Discovery signatures of UED. UED examples.
Wednesday 4/6 Higgs mechanism in UED. Review of the electroweak sector of the SM. Electroweak symmetry breaking.
Friday 4/8 Longitudinal vector boson scattering. Lee-Quigg-Thacker bound. Fermion masses and mixing angles. CKM matrix. Unitarity triangle.
Monday 4/11 Final projects (25 min talks reviewing an LHC analysis)
Raha "Hadronic MT2"
Shyamsundar "Dark matter search with monojets" paper
Wednesday 4/13 Final projects (25 min talks reviewing an LHC analysis)
Hanyu "Black holes"
Bhattarai "Search for physics beyond the standard model in events with two leptons, jets, and missing transverse momentum in pp"
Friday 4/15 Final projects (25 min talks reviewing an LHC analysis)
Guo "W and Z boson production cross-sections"
Basu "Dark matter search with razor variables" paper
Monday 4/18 Final projects (25 min talks reviewing an LHC analysis)
Brooker "Heavy neutrinos" paper1, paper2.
Wednesday 4/20 Final exam.