PHZ 4710: Introduction to Biophysics
updated 01/04/07
Spring 2007
Department of Physics, University of Florida

PHZ 4710
of Physics

UFlogoInstructor:           Mark W. Meisel
Office:                NPB B133
Voice:                352-392-9147
Office Hours:     see Prof. Meisel's Online Schedule

Syllabus (word document)
In-vivo Schedule

Some useful Links
UF Online Writing Lab

Golden Rules of Formal Writing by Dr. Chip Rogers 
UF Library  and UF Library: "Avoiding Plagiarism: a guide for students"  

On Being a Scientist: Responible Conduct in Research 

Science Magazine

PHZ 4710 Intro. to Biophysics (Spring 2006) (Meisel)
PHZ 4710 Intro. to Biophysics (Spring 2005) (Meisel)
Links to old pages taught by Professor Hagen, see his webpage for access.

Other Information
Keep your electronic receipts when you submit to "Turnitin".
For the rest of the semester, keep an electronic and hardcopy backup of your work.

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