7 Tesla SQUID NPB B133
(Version of 1 November 2005)
  This SQUID (Superconducting Quantum I nterference Device) Magnetometer was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the Division of Materials Research (DMR), with matching support provided by the University of Florida.  The NSF grant (NSF DMR-0113714) should be cited in the acknowledgements of any publication or abstract that reports data collected with this instrument.  Additional details about the original proposal are available here.

"Results Club"  (Download a one page Word document about some of the previous measurements.  Please contribute a page!)

Magnetic characterization of Co ladder      Photoinduced Magnetic Thin Film     
Magnetic properties of "Manganin"         Magnetic properties of S = 2 material MnCl3(C12H8N2)   
Photoinduced Magnetization in RbCo[Fe(CN)6]     Magnetic characterization of a 3D Cu Material       
Magnetic Characterization of a Ni-Dimer Material    

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