updated 01/27/05
Outreach:  Newberry Elementary School Educational Fair
26 January 2005   Mark Meisel

of Physics

UFlogoThe Who:  3 groups of 25 first grade students and Me!
The What:  Goodies (students keep): Handout, big ball (cheap at Target),
                      small plastic, practice golf ball (cheap at Target), coffee filter.
The Intro:   Brief discussion, students put their fingers on the words/pictures on
The How:  Test Gravity;  BIG ball vs. small ball, each ball vs. coffee filter.
                      Then do the "Penny and Feather" Free Fall Demonstration.
Then What:   Back to student testing: the 2-ball drop.
                         Then do the Demonstration with a basketball and small ball.
                         (The students enjoy the collision with the ceiling!)
Then:   The Rolling Can Demonstration!  It returns without strings?
                         Where is the force?
"Homework for the students":
1.  Teach the 2-ball drop to someone at home.
2.  Draw a picture of the contents of the Rolling Can.
3.  Have some fun!

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