Department of Physics
University of Florida
PHY 2048 Physics with Calculus 1
Summer 2012: 3 credits
Sections: 8691, 8692, 8693, 8694

Syllabus (PDF)

in vivo Schedule (PDF)

“Gradebook” at UF ELS
UF Dept. of Physics H-ITT Site:

Formula Sheet (PDF, version of 26July 2012)

Additional News! (26 July 2012)

Participating in “Make-up Session” 
on Friday, Aug 10?
You must email Meisel about your 
intentions, include the grade book
exercise(s) that need to be made-up,
and you must send this email
before the Mon, Aug 6, lecture.

Formula Sheet updated (entire course)

Some helpful "wave" webpages/resources:

Acoustics and Vibration Animations - Dan Russell,
Grad. Prog. Acoustics, Penn State

(20 June 2012)

"in vivo"
Schedule Updated and
Monday, 09 July, slightly modified.
Formula Sheet Update coming soon!

(08 June 2012)
Test 1 Grades posted on ELS at 3 pm.
Test 1 Master posted on ELS in Resources,
     and answer key is first answer.
HITT, SGE, Quiz, Test scores updated.
Guest Instructors for week of 11 June.

Formula Sheet updated for Ch. 7-9.

(25 May 2012)

Draft version of Formula sheet posted
Gator Launch Mentoring Program

(23 May 2012)
Ch. 8, 10 Typos in "in vivo" Schedule corrected.
HITT1-0521 posted on ELS.

"EXAMPLE" Test 1 posted in
Resources on ELS.
Do NOT use ELS mail to contact me, please use

     regular email.

Instructor:  Mark W. Meisel
Office:  NPB 2358, Tel: 392-8867
BEST Place to Find Me
(if not in my office, try my lab):

NPB B133, Tel: 392-9147

Office Hours: posted online, and by appointment.

Teaching Assistant: Yan Wang
NPB 2157
Office Hours: 
Tue, 7th period,
5:00 pm to 6:15 pm.
The “official” textbook, “Fundamentals of Physics, 9th edition, Volume 1”, 
by David Halliday, Robert Resnik, and Jearl Walker.  The “unofficial” textbook 
is the 8th edition, Volume 1.  NOTE:  Volume 1 contains Chapters 1 to 20, inclusive, 
and it is sometimes sold as Part 1 and Part 2 of the first part of the tome.  
DO NOT CONFUSE these items with Volume 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 of the entire tome.  
Either edition, 8th or 9th, will work for this course, as the 9th edition is only 
incrementally different than the 8th.  Homework problems that are assigned 
will specify the edition and number and are otherwise the same.  
For this semester, you will NOT NEED the online homework code or any other 
resources that the UF Bookstore might try to sell you.  As of the end of April 2012, 
the UF Bookstore (online) was posting a price of $70 (not including tax) for 
Volume 1, 9th edition. and this UF pricing, should include a code that allows 
access to “WileyPlus”. Alternatively, there appears to be UF pricing for
Volume 1 of the 9th edition in electronic format along with acces to “WileyPlus”
for about $30, see,redirect-HE.html.
(Note: when the advertisement says “your professor”, it does not mean me but one or
several of my colleagues in the department.) Finally, I was able to find a hardcopy of
the 8th edition of Volume1 for under $20, including shipping.