PHY 3063: Honors General Physics 4: Modern Physics
updated 11Dec08
Spring 2009 (Section 0313)
Department of Physics, University of Florida

PHY 3063
of Physics

UFlogoInstructor:           Mark W. Meisel
Office:                NPB B133
Voice:                352-392-9147
Office Hours:     see Prof. Meisel's Online Schedule

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Textbook's Webpage (W.H. Freeman and Company)
Modern Physics 4e
Note about required textbook for Spring 2009: 
The only required text is "Modern Physics" (4th Edition) 
by Tipler and Llewellyn, and from online sites in Sept. 2008, 
one could purchase a used copy for under $20.  Please note 
that local bookstores may only stock the new 5th Edition, 
which a student can use for this course, and the prices 
for Fall 2008 were $122 (new) and $92 (used).

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