Department of Physics, University of Florida

PHY 3063 Honors Modern Physics

(Spring 2010: Section 0310, 3 credits)


Instructor:  Mark W. Meisel

Office: NPB 2358, Tel: 392-8867, Fax: 392-7709

BEST Place to Find Me: NPB B133, Tel: 392-9147


Office Hours: posted online, and by appointment.


Syllabus (pdf)

“in vivo” Schedule



Textbook Links:

4th edition:

5th edition:

Note about required textbook for Fall 2009:

The only required text is "Modern Physics" (4th Edition) by Tipler and Llewellyn.

Please note that local bookstores may only stock the new 5th Edition.




Additional News! (05 January 2010)

             This page is now fully active.