Department of Physics
University of Florida
PHY 4523 Statisical Physics
Spring 2015: 3 credits
Section: 3803

Syllabus (PDF)

in vivo Schedule (Word)

Sakai “Gradebook” at UF ELS
UF Dept. of Physics HITT Site:
(you are required to have a HITT transponder)

Additional News (07 Jan 2014):
Links to "yesteryear" PHY 4523 by Meisel

Final Exam (Group 29A):
Wednesday, 29 April, 07:30 am to 9:30 am, NPB 1002

Final Exam covers material from the entire course.

Instructor:  Mark W. Meisel
Office:  NPB 2358, Tel: 392-8867
BEST Place to Find Me
(if not in my office, try my lab):

NPB B133, Tel: 392-9147

Office Hours: posted online, and by appointment.

Thermal Physics formula sheet
(posted 08 Jan 2014)

Statistical Mech. formula sheet
(posted 15 Jan 2014 and
revised 18 March 2015)

Exam Cover Sheet (example)
(posted 12 Feb 2014)

The “official” textbook, which is required, is "Introductory Statistical Mechanics (2nd Edition)" 
(Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1999) by R. Bowley and M. Sanchez, and is available from Oxford University Press
for about $80 but used paperback versions appear to be available for about $35 from Amazon (as of 23 Dec 2014).
Of course, other options might be available.

Potential Resource:
"Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity" by James P. Sethna.
A pdf may be downloaded (note that copyright rules apply) and hardcopies come from Oxford University Press.