Department of Physics
University of Florida
PHY 4604 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 1

Fall 2021: 3 credits

Syllabus (PDF)

in vivo Schedule (PDF)

Course Materials on UF e-Learning Canvas

Textbook (required):
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (3rd ed.),
David J. Griffiths and Darrell F. Schroeter,
Cambridge University Press (2018) webpage
Errata available from D.J. Griffiths's webpage.

Additional News:

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Link to PHY4604 Spring 2018 (here)

Instructor:  Mark W. Meisel

NPB 2358, Tel: 392-8867

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NPB B133, Tel: 392-9147

In the COVID era, meetings with students will be conducted via Zoom configured by me.  Please contact me by email for a meeting inside or outside my normal office hours.  
Potential CHANGES to this policy will be announced in class or on the Canvas course pages.


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