Department of Physics
University of Florida
PHY 4905 Intro to Solid State Physics
Spring 2018: 3 credits, Section: 2280
Room: NPB 1216

Syllabus (PDF

in vivo” Schedule (PDF

Electronic “Gradebook” (UF ELS)

Textbook "The Oxford Solid State Basics"
(Oxford University Press, 2013)
by Steven H. Simon.

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Condensed Matter Seminar
Physics Colloquium

Additional News (21 Nov 2017):

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Selfie Aug. 2017 at KSC
Departure Hall (Košice,Slovakia)

Instructor:  Mark W. Meisel
Office:  NPB 2358,
Telephone: 352-392-8867
BEST Place to Find Me
(if (probably) not in my office, try lab):
LAB: NPB B133, Tel: 352-392-9147
Office Hours: posted online,
and by appointment.

Fundamental Constants
The NIST Reference on
Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
For your own use, download PDF of the
"Frequently used constants" or other gem.