PHZ 4710 Introduction to Biological Physics
Spring 2019 (3 credits)  Class Number: 19319  Section (old): 3812
Meetings: Tue., Thur. Periods 5-6 (11:45 - 13:40 hrs)  NPB 1216
Required "Textbook" [available only as hardcopy from
Target Copy (W. Univ. location)]:
PHZ4710 - Biological Physics Lecture Notes by Prof. Stephen J. Hagen


This course aims to introduce and survey the physical principles that underlie a variety of important biological, biophysical, biochemical phenomena, as well as a number of modern laboratory techniques and probes.  The course combines physical, biological, and chemical perspectives in order to explore a wide range of topics in a way that is not usually possible in standard undergraduate science and engineering courses.  The presentation is aimed at the undergraduate level and is designed for students who seek to expand their horizons.
The prerequisites for the course are: one year of introductory physics (PHY 2053/2054, PHY 2048/2049, or the equivalent) and one year of calculus (MAC 2311/2312, or the equivalent).

In addition to some "traditional" topics, the course will survey some current interests of the instructor and of the students.  In addition, some graded exercises are designed to provide experience with gaining insight by reading articles published in journals and by attending professional seminars given by visiting experts.

NOTE of 02 January 2019:  The syllabus is now posted but the schedule is not yet posted, as the content of this course page is just beginning to emerge.  The "textbook" should be available now at Target Copy (W. Univ. location).  Please email me if you have any questions. --- MWM