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            NSF DMR-1202033
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TEACHING Fall 2016:
PHY 3323 Electromagnetism 1
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National High Magnetic Field Lab

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Some Sites Useful for Graduate Student Affairs:
UF Graduate School    American Physical Society Career Center
Science's Next Wave: Career Resources for Young Scientists

Student Opportunities:
National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering
Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

La main a la pate  Some Outreach Activities
    (Note: I am not involved with the programs whose logos are to the left, but I get ideas when reviewing these pages.)
      Now, with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) for Mathematics and Science (M/S),
        my elementary school visits (focus on 2 - 5) involve hands-on activities and other demonstrations related to:
        Free Fall, Gravity, Solids, Liquids, and Gases. We talk about scientific methods, forming and testing a theory,
        finding a Law of Nature, the usefulness of models to understand matter, and just fun & cool stuff.

xkcd.com  "Stand back and try Science" (image from xkcd.com)
    Newberry Elementary School, 4th Graders (4 sessions of 30 min each), Feb 2010 and 2011 and 2012
    Idylwild Elementary School, 2nd Graders (4 sessions of 30 min each), 09 March 2010
    Norton Elementary School, Ms. Schroepfer's 3rd Grade (60 min session), 14 April 2010
UFTeach  Florida PROMiSE at UF: "Matter and Energy" Institutes for Duval County (Jacksonville, FL) K-8 Teachers
  U-FUTuRES co-instructor of "Force, Motion, and Energy" for Middle-School Teachers, Summer 2012

Erik at Tybee Island, GA (Summer 1997)Biophysics: Strong Magnetic Field Effects on Gene Regulation
Bioinformatics: Microarray Analysis
Biophysics: Stimulating Needles
7 Tesla SQUID Homepage

UF Space Plants
SpouseAnna-Lisa Paul (Ph.D.)
(doing "zero-gravity" Space Biology Research on NASA's KC-135)
(photo on the back cover of the IFAS Magazine IMPACT, Winter 2003, page 40 as a pdf file)

ALP at "Muddy
          Pass", Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada        (in the Gainesville Sun , 30 March 2003, article by Carrie Miller, photo by Rob C. Witzel, photo as a jpg file)
    Anna-Lisa Paul, July 2008
   "Muddy Pass", Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada

Plants in Space on GTN News (13 March 2014)

Plants in Space: NASA ISS Update Interview  (19 Dec 2012)
Plants Grow Fine Without Gravity (National Geographic Daily News, 07 Dec 2012)
What happens to plant growth when you remove gravity? (PHYS.ORG, 07 Dec 2012)

2012 Blog Posts (by others):
How Plants Deal With Space Travel, by Jeffrey Marlow, Wired, 16 May 2012

Transcriptomes in space. Sweet., 29 May, 2012 (11:59) | Genomics Research | By: Mary
The OpenHelix Blog at OpenHelix,

YouTubeLogoChapter 1:  They Don't Call It The Vomit Comet For Nothing
Chapter 2:  Grow Baby Grow
Chapter 3:  Reporter Gene Tells All
Plant Growth in Space
Plant Growth in the Canadian Arctic
                                   Space Station Live: How Do Roots Grow in Space
                                   SCIENCE FRIDAY (SciFri): Plants in Space!

Video Report for the Haughton-Mars Project's 2009 field season on Devon Island, High Arctic, Nunavut

Twitter: @UF Space Plants

R.J. Ferl and A.-L. Paul, npj Microgravity (2016) 2, 15023; doi:10.1038/npjmgrav.2015.23; published online 21 January 2016

Present Members of the Research Group

Yefan Tao   Yefan Tao, entering class of August 2015

Xunwu Zuo   Xunwu Zuo, entering class of August 2015

          Additional openings exist for graduate and undergraduates.

Ex-Members (Thesis students and Postdocs) of the Research Group

Marcus   Marcus Kwasi Peprah, Ph.D., Staff at Intel in Hillsboro, OR
     Ph.D. Thesis (2015): Influence of Pressure and Light on the Magnetic Properties
     of Prussian Blue Analogues and Hofmann-like Frameworks.

Pedro   Alejandro (Pedro) Quintero Cabra, Ph.D., Staff at Intel in Hillsboro, OR
     Ph.D. Thesis (2015): Magnetic and Electrical-Transport Studies of Molecule-based Magnets.

Tatiana V. Brinzari  Tatiana V. Brinzari, PhD (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
     Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2012-2014), supported by UF-DSR
     UF Center for Tomorrow's Materials (Today!)
     Scientist at Colgate-Palmolive, Piscataway, NJ

Elisabeth S. Knowles, Ph.D., Staff at ClearOne in Alachua, FL
     Ph.D. Thesis (2013):
Strain-Mediated Photomagnetic Effects in
          Heterostructured Nanoparticles of Prussian Blue Analogues


Alex   Matthew W. Calkins, B.S., now medical student, when at UF he was
   supported by NSF REU, Undergraduate Research Fellowship
   from the UF Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (CCMS), UF Honors Scholar,
   Honors Thesis (2013): Implementation of a Differential Hall Element Magnetometer

Matthieu Dumont   Matthieu F. Dumont, PhD in Chemistry (Talham Group)
    Postdoctoral Research Assistant (2011-2012), supported by (UF DSR-ROF),
    as of August 2015: Technical Advisor at Maier & Maier, PLLC, Arlington, VA


Daniel Pajerowski  Daniel M. Pajerowski, Ph.D., NRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    NIST Center for Neutron Research, and now Instrument Scientist HFIR at Oak Ridge National Lab
    Ph.D. Thesis (2010): Photoinduced Magnetism in Nanostructures of Prussian Blue Analogues

JDCohen   Justin D. Cohen, B.S. UF (2009), Ph.D. Caltech (2015)
    Nano-Optics Research Scientist, Quantum Photonics Group, Caltech
    Honors Thesis (2009): AC magnetic susceptibility probe for use in a commercial SQUID magnetometer

J-H Park   Ju-Hyun Park, Ph.D., Research Faculty
    National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
    1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310-3706
    Ph.D. Thesis (2006): Magneto-Structural and Magneto-Optical Studies of Prussian Blue Analogs

J Ch Davis   James Ch. Davis, B.S., Graduate Student
    Department of Physics
    Ohio State University
    Honors Thesis (2006): Modeling of the Anisotropic Electric Fields Generated by Stimulating Needles

Low Temp Institute, Kosice   Erik Cizmar, Ph.D. from P.J. Safarik University, 2002-2003 NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research Scientist, Centre of Low Temperature Physics
    P.J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia

SJ Gamble   Sara J. Gamble, B.S. UF (2003), Ph.D. Stanford (2010)
    Senior Research Scientist at Bennett Aerospace, Raleigh-Durham, NC
    Honors Thesis (2003): Magneto-Optical Properties of Thin Film Prussian Blue Analogues

JR Maloney   James R. Maloney, B.S. UF (2002), M.S. Caltech (2006)
    Program Manager, Community Science Academy, Caltech
    Honors Thesis (2002): Acoustic Resonance Measurements During the Evolution of Sol-gel Synthesis

BW Watson   Brian C. Watson, Ph.D., Senior Engineer
    Information Systems Laboratories, Inc.
    Ph.D. Thesis (2000):  Quantum Transitions in Antiferromagnets and Liquid Helium-3

GE Granroth   Garrett E. Granroth, Ph.D., Scientific Data Analysis Group Leader
    Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN
    Ph.D. Thesis (1998):  Experimental Studies of Integer Spin Antiferromagnetic Chain

PJC Signore   Philippe J.-C. Signore, Ph.D., Partner at Oblon
    1940 Duke Street, Arlington, VA 22314
    Ph.D. Thesis (1994):  Inductive Measurements of Heavy Fermion Superconductors

Johan-Bremer   Johan Bremer, Ph.D. (Leiden University)
    Cryogenics Division and Atlas Collaboration: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1207.7214.pdf
    CERN, CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland
Postdoctoral Fellow (1993)

Useful physics links:

Daniel R. Talham, Departement of Chemistry, UF

Alexander Feher, Centre of Low Temperature Physics, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia

Steve Nagler, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Masayuki Hagiwara, AHMF, Osaka University

Previous Course Pages:

2015-2016 full academic year sabbatical at Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia and at ORNL
PHY4523 Stat Phys (Spring 2015)
PHY7097 Molecular Magnetism (Spring 2015)
PHZ6493 Condensed Matter Seminar (Spring 2015)
PHZ6493 Condensed Matter Seminar (Fall 2014)

Visiting Professor at AHMF, Osaka University, Fall 2014 (teaching assignment doubled in Spring 2015)
PHY 4523 Statistical Physics (Spring 2014)
PHZ 6493 Condensed Matter Seminar (Spring 2014)
PHY 1033 Discovering Physics (Fall 2013)

PHZ 6493 Condensed Matter Seminar (Fall 2013)

Fulbright Scholar Spring 2012 (teaching assignment doubled in Fall 2012)
PHY 1033C Discovering Physics (Fall 2012)
PHY 3323 Electromagnetism 1 (Fall 2012)
PHY 2048 Physics with Calculus 1 (Summer 2012)

PHY 3323 Electromagnetism 1 (Spring 2012)
PHY 3101 Intro Modern Physics (Fall 2011)
PHY 3323 Electromagnetism 1 (Spring 2011)
PHY 3101 Intro Modern Physics (Fall 2010)
PHY 3063 Honors Modern Physics (Spring 2010)
PHY 3101 Intro Modern Physics (Fall 2009)

PHY 3063 Honors Modern Physics (Spring 2009)
Sabbatical Leave Fall 2008 (no classroom teaching assignment)
PHY 3063 Honors Modern Physics (Spring 2008)
PHY 4802L Advanced Electronics Lab (Fall 2008)
PHZ 4710 Intro. to Biophysics (Spring 2007)
PHY 2020 Intro. to the Principles of Physics (Fall 2006)
PHZ 4710 Intro. to Biophysics (Spring 2006)
PHY 2020 Intro. to the Principles of Physics (Fall 2005)
PHZ 4710 Intro. to Biophysics (Spring 2005)

PHY 2020 Intro. to the Principles of Physics (Fall 2004)

Stat Phys: PHY 4523 (Spring 2004) Thermal Phy: PHY 3513  (Fall 2003)
Stat Phys: PHY 4523 (Spring 2003) Thermal Phys: PHY 3062 (and PHY 3513) (Fall 2002)
Stat Phys: PHY 4523 (Spring 2002) Thermal Phys: PHY 3062 and PHY 3513 (Fall 2001)
PHY 4324 Electromagnetics II Course Webpage
PHY 2048L and PHY 2053L (Spring 2001) Intro. Lab Information