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(a novel routine for topographical imaging of microarray data)
James Ch. Davis* and Mark W. Meisel
Department of Physics, University of Florida

* Presently graduate student in Physics at The Ohio State University.

Anna-Lisa Paul and Robert J. Ferl
Department of Horticultural Sciences and the Biotechnology Program
University of Florida

Note:  This webpage supports the information provided in:
James Ch. Davis, Anna-Lisa Paul, Robert J. Ferl, and Mark W. Meisel,
"Topographical imaging technique for qualitative analysis of microarray data",
BioTechniques 41 (2006) 554-558. [manuscript] [supplementary material]

UFGenie is a small, open-source, command-line program written for
MATLAB.  It is intended to assist with the topographical imaging technique
reported in the aformentioned publication.  Default settings produce color,
3-D surface plots for visualization of high density microarray data.  In
addition, the output provides useful statistical information.  Since UFGenie
represents a specific implementation of a more general plotting technique,
you are welcome and encouraged to modify it to suit your specific needs.
Our current version, and a short Readme, are available below.


For questions or comments, contact Mark Meisel at: meisel@phys.ufl.edu.

This work was supported, in part, by NSF grant DMR-0305371, NASA grant NNA04CC61,
and the University of Florida University Scholars Program.

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