Senior Teaching Laboratory Specialist 
Room 1017, New Physics Building 
PO Box 118440, Department of Physics 
University of Florida, Gainesville Fl. 32611-8440 
Ph# 352-392-0488, Fax# 352-392-0524

I work for the Department of Physics at the University of Florida as a Senior Teaching Laboratory Specialist designing, building and maintaining physics demonstration experiments for use in teaching. As part of my work (and with the terrific help of student assistants Eric Berry, Brad Murphy and Ben Miletic) I have created two major websites, the Physics Demonstrations website and the Physics Department Live Weather Station . I also continue to teach physics by answering student homework and laboratory questions for all beginning physics classes and have presented "Physics is Fun" science shows over the last ten years to roughly 25,000 elementary, middle and high school students throughout the State of Florida. Outside of work I'm an advanced amateur photographer (see some of my work below). I've also created a nice sculpture that stands in the living room of my house.

Born: July 15th, 1963, Jacksonville Fl.
Graduated Englewood High School, 1981, Jacksonville, Fl. (4th in Class of 350)
Graduated Bachelor of Science with Honors, Physics Education, 1985, University of Florida

Career Experience:
International Baccalaurette / Advanced Placement H.S. Physics Teacher, Eastside H.S., Gainesville Fl. 1986-1990
Lab Specialist / Engineer, University of Florida Physics Department, 1990-Present.

Marital Status: Married to Megan Elizabeth (Meece) Mocko, and we have two cats.....Elliot and Garfield (They Abysinnians and brothers).


John's Photography

These pictures were taken while I was traveling on various vacations. They are just rough scans and the real images actually look MUCH better than these scans.

 Twelve Flower Pots  Kit Carson's Well, Taos  Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde   Carlsbad Caverns NP
 Tombstone Rose #51  Hot Peppers, Sante Fe NM  Mesa Verde Ruins #44  Carlsbad Caverns NP #40
 Tombstone Rose #52  Ivy Collage, Tombstone Az  Mesa Verde Ruins #45  Carlsbad Caverns NP #41
 Tombstone Rose #53  Virgin Mary Garden  Tonto Ruins  Guadalupe Mts, Texas
 Sante Fe Morning Glory #57  Cactus, Carlsbad NP  Door Ruins, Mesa Verde  Guadalupe Mts, Texas #6
 Roadside Wildflowers #42  Cactus, Saguaro NP  Door Ruins #46  Guad. Mts. Waterfall
 Three Clay Pots #13  Barrel Cactus, Saguaro NP  Pine Tree, Bandelier NP  Sunset, Bandelier NP

Oregon Coast 6/23/00 - 7/2/00

 Trailside Leaves  Haceta Lighthouse  Oregon Coast #1  Oregon Shore #1
 Tree Woodgrain  Haystack Rock, Coast, OR  Oregon Coast #2  Oregon Shore #2
 Crater Lake NP #1  Fallen Log and Plants  Oregon Coast #3  Oregon Shore #3
 Crater Lake NP #2  Horsetail Falls, Col. Gorge  Oregon Coast #4  Oregon Shore #4
 Elk Herd #1  Salt Creek Falls  Oregon Coast #5  Rocks and Plants
 Elk Herd #2  Mt. Hood Creek  Oregon Coast #6  Trail Path
 Columbia Gorge Falls #1  Multonomah Falls  Oregon Coast #7  Watson Falls
 Columbia Gorge Stream  Ocean Waves  Oregon Coast #8  Silver Falls Creek
 Silver Falls #1  Silver Falls #2  Silver Falls #3  Silver Falls #4
 Tokeenah Falls #1  Tokeenah Falls #2  Tokeenah Falls #3

Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, 3/2/01 - 3/6/01

 Brick Alley Fern  Door Gate Ironwork  Granite and Ironwork Alley Garden
 "1/2" and Vine  Harley Davidson  Iron Rail and Ivy  Ironwork Gateway
 Iron Heron  Iron Sand Piper  Ironwork Window 1  Ironwork Window 2
 Magnolia Plantation1  Magnolia Plantation 2  Paddle Wheel 1  Paddle Wheel 2
 Window Basket  Raphael Statue  Rubens Statue  Revolutionary Soldier
 Red Maple  Red Tulips

All Images are Copyrighted and belong to John Mocko and contain a hidden mark identifying the image for copyright purposes. Please contact me for information about acquiring or using one of my images at the following address.

John Mocko
2525 NW 50th Place
Gainesville, Fl. 32605