My Best Friends

The first picture is of my former cat "Buddy".......'cause she was my BUDDY!!! (The picture also shows me back when I had a beard) Buddy was a pure bred Abysinnian cat. The breed is well known for being very intelligent, athletic, affectionate and playful and Buddy certainly represented the breed well!! She loved to greet me first thing in the morning when I woke up by jumping on the bed and playing with me or just being affectionate. One of her favorite things to do was to play "tag" around the house as I chased and tried to catch her. The abysinnain breed is one of the oldest breeds (if not THE oldest breed) and was orginally thought to have been bred and worshipped by the ancient Eygptians. Buddy passed away during March, 2000 due to a recessive genetic disorder she was born with called Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency. The disorder is being studied at The University of Pennslyvania Vet School.

My new cats are Elliot and Garfield, they are also abysinnians and are brothers. I adopted them in July 2000 when they were 14 weeks old from a breeder down in Naples, Fl. named Lori Piper. Elliot and Garfield have been GREAT cats and I really enjoy their company. Elliot is definitely the thinker between the two of them......Garfield's very intelligent but it's usually Elliot who gets into things first because his curiosity is higher. Elliot figured out how to open the kitchen cabinets and climb up into the drawers from behind so I had to put magnetic latches on the cabinets. Then I couldn't open the cabinets so I had to put handles on the cabinets. Within 12 hours Elliot had realized he couldn't open the lower cabinets anymore and started opening the upper ones so I had to put latches and handles on all of them as well!! Abysinnians are VERY smart and active cats, I literally can't do anything in the house without both of them "helping me out" but they are also very affectionate.



Both Elliot and Garfield