My Original Sculpture

    These are some pictures of the sculpture I created and the living room of my house where the sculpture stands. The hardest thing about making the sculpture was carefully taking apart, polishing, lacquering and reassembling the saxophone. The sunglasses and hat rest on a coathanger that has been bent into the shape of a face and nose. I've named the sculpture "Invisible Blues".

And this is the exterior of my house although I've since painted the white areas brown because it kept discoloring due to the trees. My house is a 3 bedroom/2bath home with a fireplace, vaulted ceiling and skylights. Oh yeah, the previous owners also installed a faucet on the back of the house so they could wash the dog with HOT and cold water! I like dogs very much but don't own one, however how many homes have hot & cold running water in the backyard? I thought it was an interesting selling point when I bought the house originally and who knows.....maybe I'll get a dog one day! :-)