Low Temperature Studies of Solids

    Department of Physics, University of Florida.
    New Physics Building, Rm B138

The research group consists of:


    Graduate Students:
            Johnny Adams
            Marc Lewkowitz
           Allen Majewski

    Undergraduate Students:
            Andy Yang


        Don Candela (Univ. Massachusetts)
        Brian Cowan (Royal Holloway College, Univ. of London)
       Nick Curro (Univ. California, Davis)
       Jaha Hamida (Univ. Florida)
       Chao Huan (High B/T facility, NHMFL)
       Khandker Muttalib (Univ. Florida)
       Jian-sheng Xia( High B/T facility, NHMFL)
        Vivian Zapf, (NHMFL, LANL)
Current Experiments:
  1. NMR studies of  quasi 1D systems (3He in MCM-41) (Chao Huan, Johnny Adams, Marc Lewkowitz))
  2. Quantum clusters in mesoporous structures (Jaha Hamida, Chao Huan)
  3.  Quantum tunneling of 3He impurities in solid 4He (Sung Su KIm, Chao Huan with Don Candela, Univ. Of Massachussets). 

                                                                                                                   Relaxation times:  HD molecules in zeolite
                                                                                                                    Relaxation HD in zeolite 


NMR Relaxation 3He impurities in solid 4He

peak at  T of  NCRIF transition                                                                 

NMR 3He in supersolid 4He